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14/12/2021 : Warm congratulations to Dr. Quentin Ronzon who successfully defended his PhD on the synthesis of natural or naturally inspired heterocycles. Quentin will join the group of Mathias Christmann (Freie universitât Berlin) as a postdoctoral fellow.

06/11/2021 : Xanthates strike again. Jean and Sam published their work on the preparation of substituted cyclobutylboronic esters in Angewandte Chemie. Nice work Jean !

09/10/2021 : Check out our latest publication in Organic Letters. Jean and Samir disclosed a stereoselective route to trisubstituted alkenyl boronates. Congrats !

13/09/2021 : We are looking for motivated M2 students. You can check out our projects here.
09/09/2021 : After months and months of restrictions, we finally had our annual LSO BBQ today !

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