09/07/2019 : The sun was shining for the annual BBQ at Ecole Polytechnique !

05/07/2019 : Qi, Jean and Sam took advantage of the versatile stability of radicals around boron atoms. You can read their work on the preparation of functionalized boronates in Angewandte.30/04/2019 : Have a look at our latest paper in Org. Lett ! Pavels, Andrey and Sam describe an original preparation of 1,3-dithiol-2-ones by a cascade of sigmatropic rearrangements.

29/04/2019 : Wei and Bastien have just published a thorough study on the preparation of 2,5-dihydrooxepines via a [3,3] rearrangement of 2-vinylcyclopropyl diketones. Congratulations Wei ! 07/03/2019 : Several opportunities are available for PhD starting in September-October 2019 within our doctoral school. Check out our proposals and do not hesitate to contact the team leader to discuss about the project you're interested in.

04/02/2019 : A warm welcome to our 2019 crew of Master 2 students. Alexandre, Anaïs, Cristina, Thomas and Xueyang start a six-month internship in our lab. Good luck guys !

27/11/2018 : Can the Ti(OiPr)4/nBuLi combination of reagents function as a catalyst for [2+2+2] alkyne cyclotrimerisation reactions ? Find the answer in Yvan's new publication !

30/10/2018 : Laurent has published an original pathway to indoles from benzofurans via a palladium-catalyzed C-O bond cleavage.

01/10/2018 : We would like to welcome our '21 class of PhD students. Antoine, Jean, Nicolas and Quentin have just started their three-year journey, welcome to the lab !

● 24/09/2018 : Want to make butyrolactones ? Jia and Laurent have just released a Passerini/Michael route to these important structures in Eur. J. Org. Chem.

● 05/09/2018 : Laurent describes the palladium-catalyzed formation of dienes from allylic nitro compounds. Have a look at this communication in Chem. Comm

● 01/09/2018 : Bastien has just published his recent findings on cytochalasin scaffolds in a nice full paper in Chem. Eur. J.

● 28/08/2018 : Check out the latest paper from Qi and Samir which have just been published in Org. Lett !

● 31/07/2018 : We bid farewell to our '18 Master Students class ! We wish you the best for the future.

● 11/07/2018 : The ANR results came out today. The projects SULFA (Samir Zard) and CycloSyn (Alexis Archambeau) have been funded ! Stay tuned for nice job opportunities to come.

● 01/06/2018 : Vincent and Samir have just published their work in Org. Lett. on the functionalization of heteroaromatics. Congratulations Vincent for the nice work !

● 31/05/2018 : Strain does all the work: Have a look at the Tetrahedron paper from Yvan's group on azomethine ylides generated from aminocyclopropanes.