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May 2024

● Congze and Samir have published a synthesis of conjugated aromatic boronate esters Have a look at their paper.

April 2024
● Very nice day of Chemistry at the Rencontres de Chimie Organique 2024. The lab didn't leave empty-handed: Alexine Chemin received a oral communication prize and Antoine Gamet was awarded a poster prize. Congratulations guys !
● The lab was at the "Journées de printemps de la DCO". It was the occasion for Jean Michalland to receive his Henri Kagan PhD prize. Well deserved Jean !

March 2024

● Guanghui and Bastien has published the Total Synthesis of Cyclotripeptidic Natural Products Anacine, Aurantiomide C, Polonimides A and C, and Verrucine F in Organic Letters !
● The team of Yvan Six has reported the construction the bicyclo[4.2.0]octane ring of kingianin in Organic Chommunications. Congratulations !
● A regio- and chemoselective double allylic substitution of alkenyl vic-diols was published by Sébastien in collaboration with Aurélien de la Torre.
● The last C8-naphthalene functionalization has been publish in EUrJOC by Hugo, Julie and Sébastien. Congrats !

January 2024

● A collective effort from the Nay group was published in Beilstein Journal of Organic Chemistry. Congratulations everyone !

December 2023

● A Commemorative Issue in Honor of Dr. Samir Z. Zard on the occasion of his outstanding contribution to synthetic organic chemistry was issued in Arkivoc. Have a look to the lab contributions !
● Louis Clavier has successfully defended his PhD on metal catalyzed allylations, congratulations !

October 2023

● Hui Qiao has defended his PhD on new transformations of boron-based xanthates. Congratulations Hui !

● We have a new doctor. Congratulations to Antoine Roblin who successfully defended his PhD today ! Antoine will now take a postdoctoral position with Pr. Gwilherm Evano (Université Libre de Bruxelles).

September 2023

● Looking for a M2 internship. Fundings are available at LSO for 2024 ! Have a look at the different projects here.

● Our own Dr. Anaïs Scuiller has been awarded a PhD award from the Ile de France section of the French Chemical Society ! She will present her work during the "Journées des Jeunes Talents de la Chimie 2023". Congratulations Anaïs !

August 2023
● Check out the work of Antoine and Alexis in Organic Letters. Congrats !
July 2023
● Check out the work of Hui, Jean and Sam in Chem. Eur J. Congrats !
● Check out the work of Anaïs and Alexis in JOC. Congrats !
● Congratulations to Sébastien Prévost who has successfully defended his Habilitation à Diriger des Recherches today !

June 2023
● Check out the work of Anda, Agathe, Cristina, Oscar and Bastien in JOC. Congrats !
● Check out the work of Agathe and Bastien in ChemCatChem. Congrats !
● Check out the work of Veronika and Yvan in OBC. Congrats !

April 2023
● Check out the work of Hugo and Sébastien in EurJOC. Congrats !
● We had amazing news today. Dr. Jean Michalland has been awarded the Henri Kagan PhD award from the Organic Chemistry Dicision of the French Chemical Society ! This is a well-deserved award for Jean who is currently a PDoc fellow in the group of Matthew Gaunt (University of Cambridge). Congratulations !

● Check out the work of Benjamin, Antoine and Bastien in Beilstein JOC. Congrats !

February 2023
● Check out the work of Shanshan and Sébastien in Organic Letters. Congrats !
● The 2023 promotion of master students is here ! Welcome Joséphine, Marc, Joan, Hadji and Julie !

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