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PhD students

Oscar Gayraud (1st Year, € Normalien): Bio-inspired total synthesis of unconventional cytochalasins


Quentin Ronzon (1st year, € X-ED573): Synthetic methodologies towards quinolone.

Quentin Ronzon - Oct 2018 - PhD2

Ombeline Sculfort (2nd Year, € Labex BCDiv): An evolutive convergence story: Evolution of chemical defenses in a mimetic butterfly community (co-supervised with Dr. Violaine Llaurens).

IMG_0232 petit

Postdoc researcher

Dr. Wei Zhang (€ EP): Total synthesis through oxa-Cope rearrangements.

wei lab

Undergraduate student

Dominik Täffner (PREX M1, Ecole Polytechnique)

Dominik Taffner - Oct 2018 - PREX3

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