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Samir MESSAOUDI is a Director of Research at CNRS since 2017. He started learning chemistry (DEA, 2001) under the supervision of Prof. Pascale Moreau at Blaise Pascal University (Clermont Ferrand, France) and completed his PhD in 2004 under the supervision of Prof. Michelle Prudhomme (SEESIB, UMR 6296, Clermont Ferrand) on the synthesis of Rebecamycine, Staurosporine and Granulatimide analogues as anticancer agents. He then worked as a post-doctoral fellow with Prof. David. J. Aitken working on the total synthesis of Microsclerodermin C. Following a second post-doctoral fellowship working with Dr. Mouad Alami/ Prof. J.-D. Brion at the Pharmacy Faculty of Châtenay Malabry (Paris Sud University), he was appointed CNRS Researcher (2007) and joined the group of "Therapeutic Chemistry" at the University of Paris 11. He obtained his Habilitation diploma (HDR) in January 2011, working mainly on the transition-metal catalyzed C-C and C-heteroatom bond forming methodologies, Diversity-Oriented Synthesis (DOS) in sugars and heterocycles, as well as the preparation of molecules and molecular scaffolds of biological and therapeutic interest (Hsp90 inhibitors and vascular disrupting agents).

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